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Automiles is a family run Mobile mechanics business giving a reliable service with honest prices. We are able to service and repair most makes and models of car, van and 4x4, normally at your home or work address although we do offer a collection and delivery service for MOT's and some repairs. We pride ourselves on caring for our customers as well as for their cars.

We are based in Horley, Surrey (near Crawley, West Sussex) and offer a highly competitive friendly service without the price tag of local garages.

You are able to speak directly with the mechanic rather than always going through a middleman. This allows you to explain the problem or service you require whilst they can ask you any relevant information that he may need to know. A technician is able to travel to any work or home location within a 25-mile radius of Gatwick Airport (Sussex) which covers as far as parts of Kent, Surrey, Sussex. We are more than happy to quote for any work outside of this area, although we will add a small charge to cover the additional mileage. In most cases we are still significantly cheaper than most garages!

Our mobile mechanics are prepared for all weathers and they are able to work in all weather conditions as portable shelter is carried to every job, protecting both your vehicle and themselves! If you do not have anywhere suitable for a mechanic to work, we are able to offer a collection and delivery service in certain circumstances (i.e. the vehicle must be roadworthy and not require towing).

You no longer need to leave your car at the Garage all day!!! We provide a comprehensive range of services for all makes and models of car and van and can meet your mechanical needs in the convenience of your own home or place of work (please obtain permission from your employer or landowner where you are working for this service). When your car or van is vital for your work, we will do our best to prioritise any work required to make sure your vehicle is not off the road longer than absolutely necessary.

All work carried out by experienced fully qualified and insured technicians and most parts carry a minimum guarantee of 12 months (excludes normal wear and tear).

We are able to cater for minor or major repairs, from simply repairing a horn that doesn't work, to full engine replacement and we can either use manufacturers own parts or patent parts. It's your choice but we are always happy to quote for both options and let you decide. If you really wanted to treat yourself we could fit you a new radio or can even arrange for a Full valet to be carried out!

We are able to offer Air-conditioning servicing, repairs and re-gassing although we may need to take the car away for a few hours for this service as the equipment required is not portable.

Modern cars today are more electronic than ever before and simple things can end up being expensive as they require specialist diagnostic equipment to read codes and put out the warning lights that may come up on your dashboard. Automiles are able to communicate with most makes and models of vehicle at a location convenient to you with our own specialist diagnostic machine, and so saving you valuable time and money by having the work done at your home address without losing your car for the day while it is at the garage!

Most cars need servicing every 10,000 miles or 12 months but some as often as every 6 months. In addition to this, there are other items such as a Cam belts and tensioners (Timing belts) that the manufacturer's state must be checked/changed at specified intervals.

We are now able to service your vehicle even if it's still covered by the manufacturer's warranty (link to dti site) following the block exemption legislation. We use genuine manufacturer's parts and provide services over and above manufacturers requirements. We provide you with a full receipt and stamp your service book to maintain the service history of the vehicle. Check out our servicing page for what's included. Any queries, please do not hesitate to give us a call.

We continue to service a vehicle outside of the warranty period based on the individual manufacturer's recommendations but also offer two levels of service designed for vehicles outside of a warranty period. A full service will ensure that any fluids are changed or topped up and any belts are changed according to the manufacturer's specifications. We also carry out a thorough inspection of the vehicle for other faults.

We are a family business with both a professional and personal touch; we aim to give competitive prices with excellent service, giving us a reputation to match!

What have our customers got to say about us?

I live in the Horley (Surrey), my tax was up for renewal with my mot expiring. Like most people I live a very busy life. I work in East Grinstead (West Sussex), it was impossible for me to get my car serviced at a convenient time for me. I searched for ‘Horley car service and repair’ in Google and came across Automiles, I thought what have I got to lose. I gave them a ring and spoke to a very friendly professional lady on the phone and within a few minutes I had explained the problems I was having and we agreed a convenient time for a mobile mechanic to come to my house for a full service. The service was carried out and a pre MOT check done at the same time.  The next day I travelled to work as usual and the mechanic came and collected my car for its MOT.  It was returned back to the car park with its new MOT certificate ready for me to drive home from work! I was extremely happy with the work that was done at an affordable price. I would recommend Automiles mobile mechanics to anyone. 

Louisa Mann
Communications Assistant
Crawley West Sussex

I am just mailing you to let you know how happy I was with your services. It was a relief to find a company that worked around my schedule not their own. I am a teacher and find it near impossible to get to work without a car so when I found out that a mobile mechanic could visit my home in the evening it was ideal. I had a problem with an engine management light that the manual had told me to consult the dealership. I knew from previous work that this would be expensive! I was happy to find that after diagnosing the problem with a computerized code reader the mechanic suggested that I just top up the oil as this has been known to affect the sensors for the management lights. I was pleased to find out that this solved my problem at no cost to myself. What a great service! A trustworthy company that doesn’t overcharge or invent work that needs doing! Thankyou. 

Mr. C Couch
Horley, Surrey 

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